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Cosmetic Restorations

Remember patching up your favourite pair of jeans, or that hole in the wall?

What is cosmetic restoration and dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a procedure in which resin is used to form tooth-coloured components to repair discoloured, fractured, chipped, or decayed teeth. In order to receive a personal fit, a custom mold is taken of the impaired tooth and a newly formed tooth is formed in a lab. Back at the dental office, the formed material is then bonded to your tooth, hence the term “bonding”.

The dental bonding procedure can also be used to make teeth appear longer and to protect a fragment of the tooth’s root that has been exposed with receding gums.

How bonding is accomplished

Your dentist will begin the bonding process by using a shade guide to determine the correct resin colouring that matches closely to your tooth. Like using sandpaper on furniture, he will carefully etch your tooth to create a rough surface. To prepare the resin to adhere or “bond” to your tooth, it will be coated with a conditioning liquid. The resin will then be applied, molded and smoothed into the desired shape and hardened by laser or ultraviolet light. After the bonding has hardened, the tooth will be shaped, trimmed and polished to conform with the rest of your teeth.

Taking care of your oral health is imperative in maintaining your bonded tooth/teeth. Refrain from eating or drinking foods that may stain your new tooth/teeth and make sure to see your Time to Care Dental Group dentist regularly. Bonding can last a number of years but do remember the resin is not as naturally tough as your teeth.

You may not have been born with a perfect smile – something that makes us all unique – however, you always have the option of making cosmetic improvements to your smile.

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