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Night Guards & Sports Guards

Suffering from grinding your teeth, a sore jaw, or waking up with a headache?

Keeping your teeth healthy and safe

Grinding your teeth – or if you prefer the medical term, bruxism – affects many adults and children. Sore jaws, waking up with a headache, or even chronic grinding while you sleep are symptoms of teeth-grinding, and can cause serious problems to your teeth.

Because keeping your teeth healthy and intact is our top priority, we offer our patients various dental appliances – such as night guards – to keep your teeth safe.

What is a night guard?

Night guards – also called occlusal splints – are removable dental appliances that are carefully molded to fit the upper or lower arches of teeth. They are typically made of a heat-cured acrylic resin, and are usually used on either the upper or the lower teeth, termed maxillary splints or mandibular splints.

There are several reasons for our doctors to present an occlusal splint as your treatment option:

What is a sports guard?

Do you or your children play sports? If so, sports guards may be a good choice for your family. Sports guards can be used by anyone who plays contact sports; however, even those participating in other recreational activities and non-contact sports pose the risk of injury to the mouth. Everyone can benefit from wearing a protective mouth guard when engaging in these activities. With a custom-fit sports guard, you will be doing your best to keep your mouth safe and reduce the risk of concussion. Our custom sports guards will fit comfortably in your mouth so you can breathe, swallow, and talk with ease.

Time to Care Dental Group offers mouth guards in a wide variety of colours and patterns so that you can choose one to suit your personality.

If you think you could benefit from a night guard or sports guard, stop by Time to Care Dental Group, or give us a call to book an appointment – 780-484-5918.

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