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4 Things to Know About Invisalign Before Undergoing Treatment

Are you struggling with crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth? Do you wish you could show off perfectly straight pearly whites? If so, then Invisalign might be the ideal solution for you. With clear aligners, you’ll be able to achieve your dream smile much more quickly than metal braces, and people won’t even notice you’re wearing your trays! Before starting your treatment process, here are four things you should expect with Invisalign.

#1: You Won’t Be Able to Get Teeth Whitening

You might be tempted to use teeth whitening products to brighten your smile during your orthodontic process. The problem with this is that these substances often consist of chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide, or abrasive agents that can damage, warp, or weaken your clear aligners. This can interfere with their effectiveness and potentially setback your treatment. Be sure to brush your Invisalign trays with soft-bristled toothbrushes, just like with your natural teeth.

#2: You’ll Need to Meet a 22-Hour Wear Time

One of the biggest reasons people opt for Invisalign is due to the clear aligners being completely removable. While this allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods, you’ll still need to wear them for 20-22 hours every day for the best results. The only times you shouldn’t have them on is when you’re eating or drinking anything but pure water. You may feel mild soreness from wearing them most of the time, so be sure to ask your dentist about over-the-counter pain relievers to easily manage any discomfort.

#3: You’ll Have to Clean Frequently

Every time you take off your Invisalign trays, you’ll have to clean them. Not doing so can risk food particles and debris getting lodged between your teeth or underneath your aligners. This can allow bacteria to grow and hinder your progress, especially if you end up developing cavities or gum disease. To avoid these complications, simply brush them after every meal or sip of a beverage.

#4: Stains Can Occur More Easily

While your clear aligners are nearly invisible, the material can easily stain or discolor. That’s why you’ll want to avoid snacks and drinks like tea, coffee, and soda, or using tobacco products. To prevent staining your Invisalign trays, implement a solid oral hygiene routine after every meal to preserve clean teeth and aligners.

By keeping these few tips in mind, you’ll be able to undergo a much smoother treatment process with Invisalign. After 12-18 months, you can be sure to enjoy showing off a beautiful set of perfectly straight teeth for years to come!

About the Author

Dr. Raza Haider studied dentistry at the University of Karachi and the University of Alberta in Canada. He also regularly pursues continuing education to refine his expertise and skills so that his patients receive the best care they deserve. He provides a wide range of advanced and comprehensive services, including Invisalign. If you’d like to set up an appointment, visit his website or call him at +1 780-484-5918.