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Invisalign Refinements: The Finishing Touches on Your Smile

These days, many patients go with Invisalign when it comes to orthodontic treatment; after all, these clear aligners are famous for being able to straighten teeth in a discreet manner. However, despite the relative quickness and ease of the process, sometimes refinements are needed near the finish line to ensure that the results are as perfect as possible. Here’s more about what these refinements are and how they’re able to contribute to a healthy and beautiful smile.

What Are Invisalign Refinements?

The Invisalign process generally takes 12 – 18 months to complete, and during that time, the trays gradually shift the patient’s teeth into a correct and healthier position. This timeline often can vary based on one’s compliance with treatment, but in any case, sometimes a little assistance is needed toward the finish line.

This is where refinements come into play; they’re essentially extra sets of trays meant to “refine” your treatment. They aren’t too different from your previous aligners and will need to be worn just as frequently; however, they’ll ensure that your straightened smile turns out as beautiful as intended!

Why Are Refinements Sometimes Needed?

It’s worth mentioning that needing refinements doesn’t mean that you’ve “failed” your Invisalign treatment; some things are simply out of your control, including how your teeth move even if you comply with your guidelines. There are quite a few reasons that your provider might deem them necessary, and while it usually has to do with stubborn teeth moving slower than anticipated, other possible explanations include:

  • Not wearing the aligners for the correct amount of time during treatment, which is typically 20 – 22  hours each day.
  • Going through a long period without wearing the aligners (due to injury or illness).
  • Having teeth that move differently than anticipated.

Tips for Ensuring Invisalign Success

There are several things you can do to ensure the success of your Invisalign treatment and potentially lower the chances of needing refinements. Consider the following tips:

  • Comply with all treatment guidelines, especially concerning wear-time.
  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene, so that other issues don’t pop up and deter your treatment.
  • Keep your aligners in their storage case when they aren’t being worn, as lost or broken aligners will cause delays.

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